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the victory of PPP led by Benazir Bhutto who was elevated as the country's first female Prime Minister of Pakistan. A b Cite error: The named reference Giosan was invoked but never defined (see the help page ). 150 The Pakistani government claimed that 50,000 Muslim women were abducted and raped by Hindu and Sikh men and similarly the Indian government claimed that Muslims abducted and raped 33,000 Hindu and Sikh women. After two years of war, Seleucus reached an agreement with Chandragupta, in which he gave his daughter in marriage to Chandragupta and exchanged his eastern provinces for a considerable force of 500 war elephants, which would play a decisive role at Ipsus (301 BC). Citation needed Both operational and campaigning edit It is not uncommon for NGOs to make use of both activities. Akbar the Great, was both a capable ruler and an early proponent of religious and ethnic tolerance and favored an early form of multiculturalism. page needed Charter of the United Nations: Chapter X Archived March 22, 2004, at the Wayback Machine.

Indo-Scythian Kingdom edit The Indo-Scythians were descended from the Sakas (Scythians) who migrated from southern Central Asia into Pakistan and Arachosia from the middle of the 2nd century BCE to the 1st century BCE. Islamic scholars debated over whether it was possible for the proposed Pakistan to truly become an Islamic state. 1500 . .

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Chach expanded the kingdom of Sindh, and his successful efforts to subjugate surrounding proquest dissertations & theses password monarchies and ethnic groups into an empire covering the entire Indus valley and beyond were recorded in the Chach Nama. 40 While overhead costs can be a legitimate concern, a sole focus on them can be counterproductive. 29 Generally, non-governmental organizations that are private have either a community or environmental focus. Dorothea Baur, Hans Peter Schmitz (2012). By the time of his grandson, Kanishka the Great, the empire spread to encompass much of Afghanistan, 58 and then the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent at least as far as Saketa and Sarnath near Varanasi (Benares). 64 This differentiation in treatment of NGO types is owing to the Chinese government's time-honoured suspicion towards social organizations with Western origins, including Christian organizations. Sisson, Richard, and Leo. The Great Partition: The Making of India and Pakistan (2008) Kenoyer, Jonathan Mark (1998). They must maintain a large informed network of supporters who can be mobilized for events to garner media attention and influence policy changes. Consultative relationship between the United Nations and non-governmental organizations". Monitoring and control edit In the March 2000 report on United Nations Reform priorities, former.N. The war is hitherto unresolved.

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