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blog on outlining a PS for suggestions on how to organise your paragraphs. I have learnt valuable skills in the subjects I have taken which will be beneficial to a career in Pharmacy. A main skill developed is producing an analysis of a problem that can help in research work. It depends how you present. You are under no obligation to give private details about yourself. Can I use this in my PS? If you choose the latter, keep it brief!

Do I need to explain the IB curriculum? The fact that this impression is sealed in a paper makes it challenging for students. It is not a 'personal statement' as much as a 'motivation statement'.

Any examples of good PSs (see workshop handouts) are useful provided that you borrow words, phrases and strategies and then apply them to your own situation. It is advisable here not to repeat the ucas statement but write something more focused on your subject choice and your intellectual motivation, as well as your reasons for applying to Oxford/Cambridge. However, some local abbreviations (eg. Before you start writing your personal statement, you should visit our course guides. . Remember that if you change course choice your PS will certainly concept of resilience essay need to be done again. Just giving a list of countries is not helpful. As with the whole statement, try to be specific to your own situation rather than use cliches. The IB extended essay is excellent preparation for university-type work - show that you have taken the opportunity (even if you are still working on it at the moment). If you are applying to read medicine, what have you noticed about health care systems in different countries? Can I link to my website or blog? Remember that 'work experience' can be voluntary as well as paid and can be a single day's observation as much as a six week job. Remember that voluntary 'work' can take many forms and can support your application.

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