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In Act I, she is only seen briefly and she speaks even less, but our picture of Kate is pretty clear. He is mistaken for a person who is only after money, not love at all. The other wives only make up excuses. Kate does effectively become tamed in a word, but she successfully resists Petruccios attempts to control her at the same time, relying on her own realization to fully be transformed. To fall in love with someone can also be to find out about them and see who they really are in their heart. Because of her actions, the male centered world around her doesn't know what to do with her. In the beginning, a lot of what we learn about Kate comes from what other people say about her. Here Bianca accuses her sister of being jealous, and though she doesnt ever admit it, Kate is jealous. Describe the methods Petruchio uses to tame his shrew, and evaluate his effectiveness.

Petruchio the Sophist and Language as Creation in The Taming of the Shrew.
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Lucentio and Hortensio assume identities below their station. She becomes much less of a shrew, her mistaken identity, and begins to become a benevolent person, her true identity. She learns that if she does what Petruchio says, even if she knows it is not true, she will get something she wants out of it, like going back to her fathers house. He explains to the men that he and Kate will fight openly while treating each other cordially in private. Kate signals that she is really a boy in her long speech. The main theme of this play is that what a person is really like is more important than how they appear. She becomes almost what her sister was.

When Lucentio reveals to Bianca that he is actually Lucentio and not Cambio, she falls in love with him and Lucentio gets exactly what he wanted. Lucentio is one character in the play that disguises himself to be someone else for his advantage. Many would argue that it was Petruccio who forced this drastic change in Kate at the end of the play.

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