save rivers essay in telugu

is used. The whole planet has only 3 of drinkable water, out of which 2/3 is frozen on polar ice caps, that leaves only 1 of drinkable water for the whole world. About 78 is used for agriculture, which grows 15 of our nations crops. A range of 6,388 gallons to12,775 gallons a year is a lot for your water bill to take, 40-90 is well worth the relatively inexpensive cost. Ten years later will be too late. Two days of rain in Chennai is enough to put all the rescue boats on the alert!

 Insulating your pipes will not only save you money in energy costs, you wont waste water when youre waiting for it to heat. This same idea applies for shower and bath water too! Aerate your lawn at least once a year to help it absorb water better, as opposed to losing it because of run-off.

Group plants that have the same water needs together. Reasons to Protect our Rivers, make rivers safe for people to use. The Cuyahoga River caught on fire due to oil slicked pieces of debris and if you fell into the Potomac River, you needed a tetanus shot. Not only does salt pollute water, but it also kills plants. If this is not an option, water your car on the grass, you will get the benefits of: watering your lawn, saving water and saving money, all at once. They develop river fronts, parks, playing grounds around to make people feel the importance of rivers.

Save rivers essay in telugu
save rivers essay in telugu

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