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a wireless networking technology on a device capable of carrying out wireless network communications via multiple wireless technologies. 6,519,004 : Method for transmitting video information over a communication channel.

Candidate in Computer Science and Engineering University od Washington (Summer 2010) Worked on 60 Ghz wireless networking for over-subscribed datacenter networks Hariharan Rahul. Honoring alumni with international distinction who have translated their UMass Amherst experience into distinguished achievement in public, business or professional realms. Zonge survey professionals have the expertise and the experience needed to deliver safe surveys on time, on budget and with high production rates. See how you can get involved in showcasing your services or technology to the international antennas and propagation community Venue, euCAP 2018 will be held at ExCel London, one of Londons largest international convention and exhibition centres and conveniently situated in the citys famous Docklands. 7,230,933 : Reducing idle power consumption in a networked battery operated device. Candidate in Electrical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Summer 2001) Worked on hardware and systems aspects of the Universal Communicator Shoamin Wang. 7,099,689 : Energy-aware communications for a multi-radio system. Candidate in Computer Science, Cornell University (Summer 2000) (now at Bell Labs, Alcatel) Worked on power conserving algorithms in ad hoc sensor networks, (now at Bell Labs) Anand Balachandran. Sigcomm 2009 research papers on bangladesh Best Paper Award, White Space Networking with Wi-Fi like Connectivity (August 2009 coNext 2008 Best Paper Award, Opportunistic Use of Client Repeaters to Improve Performance of wlans (December 2008 iEEE Fellow, for contributions to the design of wireless networks and systems and leadership. Candidate in Electrical Engineering Rutgers University New Brunswick (Summer 2015) Developed a automatic camera control for tracking moving objects Tiffany. 7,085,924 : Authentication methods and systems for accessing networks and the Internet. 7,133,664 : Information management and processing in a wireless network.

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