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small waiting room outside the ward waiting for their call inside. And one more thing I am yet to see a DNB convocation where 3000 students are given degrees. If a student performs well at three stations and doesnt do well with the fourth examiner it doesnt matter. The hall tickets were issued in the month of December 2012 and June 2013, when it was known that the course of the petitioner ought to have been completed in February 2012. In the above facts and circumstances, the stance of the first respondent as regards there being non-compliance with the leave rules in the petitioner not having approached the first respondent and not having obtained sanction of leave and seeking any post facto approval, not being. The learned Counsel for the respondent would point out that by virtue of the accreditation and the scheme of the things, a Consultant is assigned to the Candidate on such allotment of a seat exclusively and when the accreditation is not continued beyond a period. I had also cleared my frcs (Ed) in my first attempt. The nomenclature of the degree awarded by the first respondent is titled as Diplomate of National Board (DNB). Union of India, WP 2390/2011, in support of the case of the petitioner. I personally know some of those who had failed the exam in spite of good practical knowledge and successful practice.

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Examiners leniency matters a lot in the practical exam. Try out our, premium Member services: Virtual Legal Assistant, Query Alert Service and an ad-free experience. The second respondent undertook to adhere to the guidelines of NBE and conduct themselves within the parameters of the affiliation. All those students appearing in MS/MD exam take the exam in a familiar terrain just like home ground advantage in a football match two out of four examiners are known, the wards are familiar, the cases would be informed beforehand and no shortage of help. I have not personally experienced DNB training. If I were not told that they were all Doctors, I would have thought that they were all waiting for their turn to see a psychiatrist. The learned Counsel for the petitioner, by way of reply, would submit that the extended leave availed by the petitioner, though with intimation to the second respondent, is apparently never communicated to the first respondent.

Thesis submission form - Welcome To National Board Of Examination PowerPoint template - anbai Dr Vidisha Kumari vs National Board Of Examinations on 28 March Why DNB exam tougher than MS/MD exam?

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