why do immigrants come to the us essays

we can better learn how to support them, rather than fear them. She came to this country because my father, her husband, was forced to flee at the start of the war. Since she was the eldest, she worked hard to help take care of her siblings and sacrificed education. Since World War II, more than four million refugees have come to America in order to find safety and freedom. My mom would have to wait hours in line to get just one gallon of milk and eggs. My mom found a job and worked along with my dad to save the money to finally bring my sister.

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He was born in the United States but moved back shortly after his mom was deported. Because they feel there are to become a successful person essay more opportunities here. These factors are correlated with the economic benefits of the American dream. Although attaining the American dream is the reason many come to the United States, it is not the only one. It is the bedrock belief that one can achieve success through hard work and initiative with the economic opportunities provided here. I was born in the United States because she was willing to sacrifice everything to reunite her family and leave the constraints of a regime behind. I wanted to be somewhere where no one could tell me who I could be and who I could not. Passed new laws to limit the number of immigrants who could enter the country each year. Although she never needed to work, she continues to work to this day to provide for her brothers and sisters. Of course, the original inhabitants of America were those who crossed the land bridge that used to exist between Asia and North America. And once they came here, it was hard.

Why do immigrants come to the us essays
why do immigrants come to the us essays

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