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essential for transportation and commerce. Throughout his reign as Tsar, Ivan became known for his agonizing personal life, his political successes as well as downfalls and most notably his volatile personality. Within five years Elena was dead, presumably murdered, leaving Ivan an orphan and under the care of his nanny. Ivan IV emerged victoriously as he established rule over Kazan and Astrakhan. The Muscovite crucial needs and problems searched for a leader of keen intelligence and energy. Ivan recovered but his mistrust of the nobility grew. Ivan IV's strong desires to open the doors into the sphere of foreign policy launched Russia into future prosperity thus dimming the harsh lights that condemn him to madness.

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Ivan IV was a complicated man, with a complicated past, in a complicated country, in a complicated time; his story is not an easy one. Kazan was finally wrestled from the foreign travel thesis statement grasp of the Tartars in 1552 and. These police killed over sixty thousand citizens. The same year Ivan married Anastasia Romanov. The aspect of conquering for the satisfaction of occupying the most territory was secondary to the goal of opening links to the outside world. His mother, Yelena Glinskaya was leading the territory that noble family owned, but it soon capsized into intrigue, and violence as rival nobles fought over who would rule Glinsky Family. In retrospect, the reign of terror of Ivan IV provided many good outcomes. In the year of his coronation, Russia was plagued by cancerous fires. Together, Ivan and Anastasia had six children, only two of which survived infancy. However, Ivan IV's strong fervor for more contact with the West pushed him to look beyond wars and into foreign diplomacy.

Ivan was born in 1530; Ivan was only three when he inherited the Russian throne following his father's death. It was against all odds a love match; there would be 13 years of happy marriage, although only two children would survive to adulthood. Basil's Cathedral was built on Red Square to celebrate the occasion.

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