child attachment theory essay

initial attachment to caregivers also guides the individuals thoughts, feelings and expectations as they become aware of peoples responses towards them which help them recognise how to behave (walker 2009). Contact with the parent also insured the baby would be fed, although he pointed out that feeding was not the main basis for attachment. Probably the single most important factor is the establishment of a secure attachment to the primary caregiver. He believed that babies, like young animal species, are equipped with built in behaviors that help to keep the parent near. Avoidants are people who have been constantly denied the physical contact by their mothers and tent to express behavior problems. The attachment theory also gives a more comprehensive understanding of the loss experienced by an infant or child when they lose their main attachment figure. She could not become part of society or form a conscious or empathy. However, it is important to note that just because a mother fails to achieve an initial bond with her baby, this does not mean that abuse is inevitable. This is because they seek protection from harm through the help and security of an adult who they see as stronger than themselves. "Attachment Theory Young Children And Their Families Social Work Essay.".

Clients are less prone to fear. The second assumption is that the way a child is treated early in life has a major contributing factor to their future relationships and the way their personality is formed. Every relationship that this child has had has been disappointing, frightening and confusing. Another child, Ann was not bonded during the infant stage and began showing signs in her behavior. He proposes that survival is closely related to the ability to possess emotional bonds with other individuals (green 2003). According to Freud, a human beings first encounter with intimate behavior is with his mother during breast-feeding. He indicated his need to maintain distance between himself and others and his need to control the environment. The caregiver is available to the child and responds to the childs needs, therefore the child behaves in a positive manner. Attachment is easily recognized across the world. Attachment theory affects social attachment and emotional development what is a notecard in research paper even though it doesnt always show up until later in the infants life. The first, is that infants and young children develop emotional ties with individuals early in life, which acts as a biological function and plays an integral part to their survival. The Attachment theory originates from the ideas of John Bowlby who believes that humans are biological predispositioned to seek attachment from others.

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