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probably say Whos got shoes?

Think of it this way: Its belonging to it Its contraction of it is or it has Whose belonging to whom Whos contraction of who is or who has Incidentally, Whos shoes? Translation: whom do the shoes belong to? It has many forms, and many a brave soul has cowered in the attempt to use it correctly. Whose hairstyle do you like? Dont they deserve what everybody else gets? Whos is a contraction, meaning its two words stuck together.

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« Who (or whom) stepped on Squiggly? So: is it whos shoes? Jack is the one who wants. Reparations for slavery are a losing battle due to the fact that it was so long ago. But if you want to be correct correct, thats how it works. Obvious reasons why reparations should be paid are for the labor of the slaves. To get into the difference between whos and whose, read. With whom are you going? To show faith from the government, General Sherman set aside land on the coast of South Carolina and Georgia for freedmen to settle. Whom did they tell? Reparation is an individual proposal from the federal government to pay for the unpaid labor of slavery. Whom did you ask to go to the dance?

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