house burglary essay

Burglaries are usually quick, sometimes planned out, and are over and done with before anyone knows anything is missing. Masked and armed individuals, more times males than females. D) Never under-estimate the mind of a criminal. Others told of failed strategies: dog toys in the backyard and alarm systems so complicated to use that the victim stopped using them altogether. Maybe your community hasnt seen an increase in burglaries like mine has.

I dashed out of bed and john quincy adams thesis statement grabbed my bathrobe on the way upstairs. If an unknown individual comes to your door, make sure they show you an official badge or something which proves they are who they say they are. Criminals will always choose the easier target over a more protected one. A little later that night someone entered my garage, which was so conveniently unlocked. Research Strategies in Burglaries, there are many different ways of researching crimes and criminal show more content. It is usually because they need money to keep their heads above water. Many times the robbery does not go as planned and robbery plus murder or attempted murder is committed. What community responses have been most effective?

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